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Welcome to Cooking With Herb

We are proud to have our videos available.

View the DVD Video Trailer Here

There are four parts to the DVD that walk you through the steps to cooking your favorite munchies:

Vol.1 Basics:
THC Oil and THC Butter
Vol.2 Party Food:  Flatbread Pizza, Bruschetta, Guacamole
Vol 3. Salad & Pasta:
Hot Salad Dressing, Pastas w/ Pesto, Quinoa Salad
Vol. 4 Desserts: Brownies, Bliss Balls, Banana Bread

Cooking Classes With Herb
This course covers all aspects of medical marijuana cooking. There are hundreds of recipes that use cannabis. Learn how to make concentrates, tincture
Check out Chef Herb in\'s forum. Look out for new recipes and podcasts!
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