DVD 4 Volume Set

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DVD 4 Volume Set

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Chef Herb has been getting to people’s hearts through their stomachs since he was four years old. He has always loved to please people bymaking great food. After fielding jokes about his name for years, the idea finally sunk in to go ahead and teach people how to cook with “herb”, the THC variety that is! 

In this four DVD set, get it ALL!  Learn the basics of infusing THC into butter and oil then learn how to use your butter and oil in lots of recipes from hors d’oeuvres to main dishes and fun desserts.

Vol.1  Basics:  THC Oil & THC Butter

Vol.2  Party Food:  Flatbread Pizza, Bruschetta, Guacamole

Vol.3  Salad & Pasta:   Hot Salad Dressing, Pasta w/ Pesto , Quinoa Salad

Vol.4  Desserts: Brownies, Bliss Balls, Banana Bread


DVD 4 Volume Set
DVD Volume 1
DVD Volume 2
DVD Volume 3
DVD Volume 4